• Summer Public Employee Appreciation Days

    Be sure to join us for one of our Public Employee Appreciation Days this summer at an agency near you! We will be bringing lunch and some of our vendors with exclusive discounts available for members. Members and non-members are … Continue reading

  • Don’t Miss Out on Discounted Lagoon Passes

    This year, UPEA is offering Single Day Passports for $50.00 – that’s $19.40 off. These tickets include admission to all of the Lagoon attractions including Lagoon-A-Beach, Pioneer Village, and their live entertainment. If you’d like to purchase tickets please come … Continue reading

About UPEA

Founded in 1959, UPEA is an independent, member-based Association representing you as public employees. UPEA is not, and never has been affiliated with a union of any kind. UPEA is very important to the political process in the state of Utah. The strength of the Association lies in its numbers, member involvement and the experience of its staff.

The UPEA lobby team works with members to improve public service, ensuring that you as a public employee are protected, compensated and appreciated. Public employees’ issues require constant monitoring, revision and advocacy. UPEA works full-time with policy makers at the Utah legislature to protect you as a public employee.

The organization was the first voice public employees had in the state. The benefits you have are available because of UPEA and the courage of past public employees.

UPEA helps you, as a member, resolve workplace grievances. UPEA staff is experts in helping employees navigate your human resource policies that ensure you’re treated fairly.

UPEA staff monitors the issues that affect you. When you’re a member, UPEA keeps you informed of important policy decisions and they help guide the decisions that affect your career. UPEA staff meets with state and local policy makers and department heads throughout the year to ensure you are represented.

Reasons to Join UPEA:

  • To stand against the privatization of public employee jobs
  • To protect against the erosion of public employee benefits
  • To guarantee due process
  • To gain knowledge about the political process and how public employees are affected
  • Because more members means a stronger association.
  • Because membership means representation in employee/employer matters.
  • Because UPEA works tirelessly to track the issues that affect your employment.
  • Because it is much more difficult for employers to discriminate against a person who knows their rights

Become a member of UPEA today by joining at https://upea.net/join-today/.