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Utah Public Employees' Association

UPEA is the largest labor organization representing public employees in Utah - working to ensure they are protected, compensated, and appreciated.

Make your voice heard

UPEA has been fighting for the advancement and rights of Utah’s public employee sector since 1959. The organization was the first voice for public employees in Utah and has been instrumental in securing the benefits and protections in place today.


Public employee compensation is UPEA's priority. Salary levels fall further below market each year, making it difficult to recruit and retain quality employees.

Job Protections

UPEA monitors legislation for any potential impact on public employees - keeping members informed and advocating to protect employee rights.


UPEA lobbies the legislature to fully fund any health insurance premium increase and protect or enhance current plans and coverage options for employees.

Employee Benefits

In addition to health insurance and retirement, UPEA works to protect and enhance all existing benefits, including paid leave and remote work options.


URS created the Tier II program in 2011 to address unfunded liability. UPEA will lobby for retirement plan equity and to prevent required employee contributions.

Workplace Issues

UPEA representatives assist members through grievances and workplace issues, helping to navigate through DHRM policies and State Code to ensure fair treatment.

We hope you won't need it - but we're here if you do.

Grievance Representation

UPEA represents members through the grievance process and provides assistance to employees  dealing with workplace concerns. UPEA's employee representatives are well-versed in DHRM policy and can help employees understand their rights, prepare statements and responses, provide physical representation at grievance hearings, and coordinate with our employment attorney to address legal questions when necessary.

Dept. of Human Services Employee

“UPEA has been incredible to me. They have supported me and provided guidance through the grievance process, something I’ve never been through. [My representative] listened with an open-mind and worked with me to find a solution. UPEA is considerate of the situation and wants to help you feel comfortable through it all. UPEA has been a tremendous help; I can’t thank them enough. I’m glad I went through this process with UPEA by my side.”

Salt Lake County Employee

“I am so grateful for getting the opportunity to work with [my UPEA representative]. She was patient and understanding. She helped me look at my situation from different angles and make it better. UPEA is here to help; take the chance, even if you don’t feel like it will help, it’s so worth it!”

Dept. of Workforce Services Employee

“I know I can call [my UPEA representative] and ask questions, or just ask for her opinion and it is provided without judgment or hesitation. I mentor new employees and always encourage them to join; I provide firsthand testimony of how UPEA helps us to grow personally and professionally. I am UPEA’s biggest supporter. Thank you to the UPEA team for all you do.”

    All UPEA members have access to grievance representation after six months of membership. If you have any questions or concerns about your employment or you’ve been given a disciplinary action, please don’t hesitate to contact your UPEA representative.

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