Merit System Update

The House Business and Labor Committee met Thursday February 25 to hear HB268, Attorney General Employment Amendments, sponsored by Rep. Michael Noel.

Attorney General Sean Reyes and UPEA Executive Director Todd Losser both spoke in opposition of the bill. The testimony highlighted the critical role the merit system plays in employee development. The merit system does not inhibit a department’s ability to discipline employees, and that it is an effective tool in recruitment and retention of quality employees.

Rep. Dixon Pitcher, made a motion to hold the bill in committee and that motion passed by a 9-5 vote.

UPEA is also lobbying against SB176, Office of the State Board of Education Employment Amendments, sponsored by Sen. Howard Stephenson, which empowers the Board of Education and the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) to find financial incentives for IT and financial employees to voluntarily relinquish their merit status. In addition, it would prohibit employees who do not forfeit their merit status from being promoted after July 1, 2018.

UPEA is working to prevent any changes to the Career Service System for all state employees and will keep you updated.

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