Update on SB 176 Office of the State Board of Education Employment Amendments

The Utah State Senate passed 2nd Substitute SB 176, Office of the State Board of Education Employment Amendments, sponsored by Senator Howard Stephenson. The bill will be sent to a house committee for further action. This bill will seriously impact the merit status of “IT” and financial employees within the State Office of Education.

The bill empowers the Board of Education and DHRM to find financial incentives for IT and financial employees to voluntarily relinquish their merit status. In addition, the bill will require that after July 1, 2018, employees who do not give up their merit status will be unable to promote.

This bill could possibly lead to the abolishment of the merit system for all state employees. Attached is a handout explaining the merit system / career service system in detail.

UPEA is asking its members to call their senator and ask them to vote no on SB176 (when you’re not at work). Please click here to find your legislators. This link will guide you on how to contact them. For tips on how to write or call a legislator please click here.

UPEA is working to prevent any changes to the Career Service System for all state employees and will keep you updated.

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