New Law Enforcement Critical Incident Coverage

UPEA is pleased to announce an expansion of its services to provide legal coverage for UPEA members who are Peace Officers when a Critical Incident oc­curs in the line of duty.

UPEA will provide this coverage immediately fol­lowing the Incident and through the investigation pe­riod. This coverage by UPEA may extend beyond the investigation period in the event the employing agency refuses to provide legal coverage if the UPEA State Board approves extended coverage (after a review of the matter from a panel of UPEA members). The UPEA State Board shall consider the findings of the panel and grant or deny extended coverage, in its sole discretion, based upon its determination of culpability, available resources, and other factors.

To be eligible for this coverage, a Peace Officer must be continuously enrolled in UPEA for at least 6 months prior to the date of the Critical Incident through the entire period of coverage, including being current on dues during this time. All other, “non-Criti­cal Incident” disciplinary action, will continue to be addressed through current UPEA grievance policy and procedures. For UPEA grievance representation call (801) 264-8732.

“Critical Incident” means an incident involving the use of force by a Peace Officer where an investigation regarding such use of force is initiated by the employ­ing agency.

“Peace Officer” means a POST certified employee working in law enforcement, corrections or similar positions with other agencies.

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