UPEA Aflac

*OPEN Enrollment Going on NOW!

Aflac Open Enrollment is going on NOW through APRIL 30, 2016!

• Aflac Pays you Cash—major medical insurance pays doctors, hospitals & providers of care when you’re sick or injured. Aflac cash benefits can be used to pay out-of-pocket medical expenses, or daily living expenses like groceries, gas, & child care. It’s your money, you decide! Benefits are also pre-determined & paid directly to you, regardless of any other insurance you have.
• Aflac is Portable–you can take your plans with you when you retire or change jobs, with no premium increase
• Aflac Processes Claims FAST-Aflac claims recently introduced “1 day pay” on most plans and you receive your cash even faster with direct deposit!
• UPEA Members Get LOW Group Rates–Our partnership with UPEA allows us to payroll deduct premiums for public employees; & because of their large member base, UPEA members get rates only offered to large groups
UPEA Members are eligible to sign up for the following insurance:

• *NEW Group Hospital / Sickness
• Supplemental Dental / Vision
• Short-Term Disability
• Cancer / Heart Attack/Stroke Coverage *NEW plan available
• Group Accident
• Group Critical Illness
• Group Term Life

To learn more about Aflac, attend a group meeting (to be announced via email by UPEA District Representatives), visit http://www.upea.net/Legislative/?q=node/207 OR www.aflac.com/upea to download brochures & rates or contact your local agent, Sandy Sandberg at 801-419-9731 / Sandra_sandberg@us.aflac.com to schedule a one-on-one consultation.

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