UPEA Update on Proposed SLCo HR Policy Changes

Last week an email was sent out to you explaining the proposed SLCo HR policy changes presented to the Salt Lake County Council. Of the six proposed policy changes, UPEA opposed one: the elimination of the second level of appeal for reclassification (HR Policy 2-200: Allocation and Classification of Merit Positions).

On Tuesday, May 17th at Salt Lake County’s Committee of the Whole meeting Councilwoman Jenny Wilson invited UPEA to address the County Council. Alene Schwei, UPEA representative for the Salt Lake Valley Local Government District, testified in opposition of the proposed change stating:

“On May 10, 2016, the Salt Lake County Human Resource Department proposed that the current classification appeal process be modified and that the level of appeal to a hearing officer be eliminated. UPEA opposes this change. A trained hearing officer, who is not a county employee, should act as an impartial party to rule on these appeals. The process of classification and re-classification is highly technical and complex, and can be confusing to an employee who wants to engage in the appeals process. UPEA encourages the Salt Lake County Council to retain the current hearing officer process and to continue to demonstrate fairness, impartiality, and sound management principles.”

The Salt Lake County Council unanimously voted to keep the second level of appeal for reclassification. UPEA will notify you of any future proposed HR policy changes.

If you have any questions, contact staff rep. Alene Schwei at 801-264-8732 ext. 212 or aschwei@upea.net.

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