Update: SLCo’s Total Compensation Project

In 2013 Salt Lake County revised many of the County’s HR policies with the exception of the Pay Policy.  Instead it was decided that the Pay Policy would be modernized together with the County’s compensation system in the Total Compensation Project.  The Hay Group was selected by the County to collect and analyze data that was then presented to the SLCo Compensation Advisory Committee.  After reviewing the Hay Group’s recommendations, the SLCo Compensation Advisory Committee proposes the following changes:


Phase I: Immediate

  • Create competitive salary structures
    • SLCo HR plans to evaluate salary structures annually
  • Main priority is to address compression issues
    • Million dollar, multi-year plan
  • SLCo Council to adopt new pay policies

Phase II: 2017-2018

  • SLCo Compensation Advisory Committee plans to address benefits and leave
  • Pay-for-Performance Program: to be restructured, result of Employee Engagement Survey

Proposed Salary Structures

Highlights – SLCO Total Compensation Infographic

  • Alignment with average market rates
  • Increase flexibility within pay grades
  • No one loses pay
3 new salary structures # of job categories # of employees
General* 533 2458
Trades and Technical* 221 650
Public Safety – step plan** 14 591
768 3699

*includes full-time, benefited employees and part-time, benefited employees
**will not be changing


  • Current pay structure: 5% difference between grades
  • Proposed pay structure: 15% difference between grades
    • SLCo will allow for pay differential between jobs within the same grade

 Proposed Pay Policy Updates

  • Eliminate the 5% restriction on salary increases
  • New job related skills
  • Increased job-related competencies
  • Expanded job-related knowledge
  • In-Grade Advancement
  • Career Progression

 Next Steps: August/September

  • Request SLCo Council’s support for new grade structures
  • Request SLCo Council’s support for new Pay Policy

Before the proposed pay structures and pay policy are implemented, the proposal must go before the SLCo Council.  The SLCo Council must approve these changes.

If SLCo Council approves proposed pay structures and pay policies…

  • Develop procedures and training for supervisors and employees
  • Communicate new grade slotting to employees
  • Update PeopleSoft with new salary structure
  • Adoption of Pay Policy

If you have any questions, please contact Alene Schwei, your UPEA representative for Salt Lake County.  You can reach by phone: (801) 264-8732 ext. 212, or by email: aschwei@upea.net

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