UPEA speaks to SLCo Council on behalf of SLCo employees about compensation

In April, UPEA was asked by SLCo Human Resources Department to look over the proposed changes to SLCo’s Pay Policy and provide feedback.  After reviewing the proposed changes with UPEA staff and the District’s leadership, UPEA presented SLCo HR with several recommendations.  UPEA’s recommendations included: recognition of redlined employees and employees in longevity, the definition of a reassignment, among others.

Over the past few months, UPEA staff has had several meetings with SLCo HR administration to discuss the Total Compensation Project and the proposed changes to the County’s compensation system and pay policy.  UPEA’s Pay Policy recommendations were discussed at these meetings and the County’s HR administration agreed with UPEA’s proposed changes.

Mike Ongkiko, SLCo HR Director, asked UPEA to prepare a statement about the Total Compensation Project for HR’s Committee of the Whole presentation on July 19, 2016.  (Please note that HR’s presentation was informative and not voted on by the Council.)  Alene Schwei, UPEA representative for Salt Lake County made the following statement:

“At the direction of UPEA’s leadership in Salt Lake County, UPEA supports the County’s Total Compensation Project.  The project’s 5-year timeline will allow the County to take a responsible approach to correct compression within the County’s pay policies and salary structures.  UPEA is supportive of the proposed salary structures and the annual evaluation of the pay grades.  The proposed annual evaluation of the pay grades is critical because of the state’s competitive job market.  UPEA supports and encourages Salt Lake County Councilmembers to make employee compensation a priority and to proactively address salary compression.”

If you have any questions, please contact your UPEA representative for Salt Lake County, Alene Schwei.  Your representative can be reached by phone at (801) 264-8732 ext. 212, or by email aschwei@upea.net.

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