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Bylaws Committee Update

The Bylaws Committee recommended changes to the election process of the Utah Public Employees’ Association’s (UPEA’s) second vice president.  On June 4, the Advisory Council and State Board moved to adopt the changes proposed by the Bylaws Committee.  The changes are as follows:


Section 4.        Election of the Second Vice President

  1. Nominations: At the November Advisory Council meeting Tthe Advisory Council shall nominate at least two (2) qualified candidates who agree to run for the office of Second Vice President. , provided that tThe Advisory Council may not accept the nomination of any individual who has served in the position of Immediate Past President of the Association during the one (1) year prior to being nominated unless the Advisory Council shall, for good cause shown and by a 2/3 votemajority of a quorum of those members present at the meeting, vote to accept the nomination.

The following requirements must be completed tTo be considered for a nomination to the position of Second Vice President, a potential nominee must:

  1. Be an active dues-paying member of UPEA for at least two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to nomination as a qualified candidate for Second Vice President;
  2. Submit a resume outlining involvement in UPEA, employment history, and participation in community or volunteer opportunities;
  3. Provide a letter from the member’s current District officers supporting their prospective nominee’s candidacy and that the nominee is a member in good standing.
  4. Must have served at least one (1) year as a Chapter or District officer or board member or Advisory Council representative.

A potential nominee must declare their intent to run, in writing, and provide their District’s endorsement letterThe information must be submitted to the UPEA office to the State Board prior to the State Board’s meeting held in October of each year.  The potential nominee’s eligibility information will be reviewed by the UPEA officersState Board at this meeting to verify eligibility.  Eligible candidates will be advised that their nomination may be presented to the Advisory Council.  If a potential nominee is determined to be ineligible, the State Board will advise the potential nominee that their nomination may not be presented to the Advisory Council.

In the absence of at least two (2) qualified candidates duly nominated by the Advisory Council, the State Board shall nominate aone or two qualified candidates, oras may be necessary to provide at least two qualified candidates, who agree to run for the office of Second Vice President.

Floor nominations in the Advisory Council meeting will not be considered.

  1. Write in Candidate: Any person who is ineligible to be nominated for Second Vice President shall be prohibited from conducting a write-in candidacy. Any person desiring to be a write-in candidate shall deliver notice to the Executive Director of his/her intent to be a write-in candidate no later than the December 1 prior to the election.  A write-in candidate shall participate in the Primary Election described herein below or he/she will be ineligible to be a candidate in the Final Election described below.  The State Board of Directors shall decide all disputes concerning the eligibility of any candidate for Second Vice President.regardless of whether the candidacy complies with this section.  No candidate shall have any right to appeal the State Board’s decision and the same shall be final and binding as to all candidates.

Legislative Committee Update

Survey Seeks Members’ Input on Legislative Priorities

The Legislative Committee encourages members to respond to the 2017 legislative survey sent to all members on July 11. The committee wants to know members’ priorities so they can be sent to the State Board and Advisory Council for further consideration.

The next Legislative Committee meeting is Aug.  24th at 6 p.m. At the meeting, the committee will vote on the 2017 legislative package and send it to the Advisory Council. If you would like to sign up to be a part of the Legislative Committee, please contact Kamarie Nicdao at 801-264-8732 ext. 203 or

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