UPEA President’s Message

I hope all of you and your families have had a great summer and your holidays have been safe and enjoyable. I can’t believe how fast the summer flies by.

The CAPE Committee is working hard, looking at the candidates who are running for various political offices.  Gov. Herbert took time out of his busy schedule to meet with members of the State Board and the CAPE Committee.  The governor was very complimentary about all the good work state employees do.  He is committed to continue working for fair wages and benefits for public employees.

The Membership Services and Public Relations Committee has also put together a new recruitment incentive program that was rolled out in early July.  I know you are talking about the great things that UPEA has to offer to your coworkers, family, and friends.  Please continue with your efforts. As UPEA grows, we all gain a stronger voice.

The UPEA standing committees are meeting throughout the year to develop programs to increase the effectiveness of UPEA.

Make sure you look at the calendar for the nearest PEAD (Public Employee Appreciation Day) coming to many work sites throughout the state.  Lunch will be served and vendors will be available to assist you with any questions.

Your UPEA staff continues to work hard tracking legislation from the last session and meeting with legislators to keep the needs of public employees front and center.  Most of us don’t realize all the “behind the scenes” work that takes place on a daily basis.  Many legislators rely on our staff to give guidance and direction when pieces of legislation are discussed.

Thank you for all of your hard work.  It is being noticed by those we serve.

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