Start Planning Now for District Leadership Elections

The Utah Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) is operated entirely by its member.  Therefore, it is essential that members gather in their districts to elect district leaders to help carry out UPEA’s mission throughout the year.

As the weather starts to turn cold, UPEA members should start planning district elections for early 2017.  District members should discuss how they are going to hold leadership elections.  Elections can occur at a district meeting or by electronic survey.  Please plan sufficient time to receive nominations, campaign, and make members aware that elections will take place on a certain date.  Please contact your UPEA staff representative to learn about options for conducting district elections.

Typically, districts hold their elections in January, February, or March of each year before the annual General Council meeting.  Some districts may have Advisory Council seats with terms expiring or Advisory Council members who have served three consecutive terms.  Elections for Advisory Council members should also be held.

While districts should be planning their elections, UPEA stresses the importance of helping all interested members get involved with their district leadership.  Succession planning is important to keep UPEA viable.  UPEA encourages district boards to promote rank-and-file members to leadership positions and mentor them.  Succession planning will ensure that UPEA maintains fresh ideas to advocate for public employees and help them advance in their careers.

Below are the leadership positions available to members within their districts.  UPEA encourages current district board members to share these job descriptions and help mentor members to become involved.

District Secretary: serves a one-year term.  The secretary takes minutes at district and/or chapter meetings, maintains district records, and compiles past meetings minutes.

District Treasurer: (may be combined with secretary): serves a one-year term.  The treasurer maintains the district financials, provides quarterly reports to the UPEA office, and reports the district’s financial standing at regularly scheduled meetings.

District Vice Chair: serves a one-year term unless the district allows the vice chair to succeed to chair.  The vice chair assists the district chair in conducting meetings, assembling agendas, and attending district functions.

District Chair: serves a one-year term.  Assists staff in scheduling district meetings and planning meeting agendas.  Conducts district meetings to ensure that meetings follow an agenda, members are recognized during discussions, and members’ votes are counted during regularly scheduled meetings.

Advisory Council Member: serves a 3-year term.  The Advisory Council serves a very important role within UPEA by attending 4-5 Advisory Council meetings annually and voting on important UPEA issues. Only members who have participated as a district leader for a minimum of 1 year are eligible to run for the Advisory Council.  UPEA Bylaws state:

All district elections should conclude before the start of the 2017 UPEA General Council, which will be held at the University Park Marriott Hotel on March 23 and 24, 2017.

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