Retiree District Minutes

Minutes of Retirees District

May 3, 2016

Attending: Elaine Bonham, Don & Vonda Bahr, Max Collotzi, Lenny & Mary Louise Arnell, Lennis & Myrna Anderson, Robert & Yvette Steele, Alene Schwei (staff), Gus Garzarelli, Andy Rasmussen, John L. Rasmussen, Ron Velasquez, Maurice Wells, Joe Taylor, Garr Ovard, Norm Rentschler, Steve Dickson, Pete Negus, Mel Provost.

Mel called the meeting to order. The pledge was recited and lunch was served. The minutes were approved and the treasurer’s report was filed. No Advisory Council meetings or State Board meetings have been held. The new committee chairs are working on getting dates set up for meetings. Alene attended in Holly’s absence.

The time was turned over to Lou Estrada from the DAV. He had an amazing amount of information on benefits for veterans, disabled veterans, and families of veterans. There is no cost to be represented by them in a dispute of benefits. To access the VA care system you can go to or call 1-877-222-8387 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  Both Mel and Ron added comments from their experience.

Our next meeting will be on June 7, Tuesday, and we will have a representative from Mountain American Credit Union talk on Trusts, Wills, and Enhanced Directives. Holly has arranged for this.

Sheri and Bob are working on our Summer Social which is usually in August. We do not meet in July.


June 7, 2016

Attending: Mel Provost, Elaine Bonham, Maurice Wells, Myrna & Lennis Anderson, Sheri Briggs, Tom Scoville, Max Collotzi, Pete Negus, Steven Dickson, Tom Sharpton, Joe Taylor, Garr Ovard, Alene Stringham, Gary Bowen, Don & Vonda Bahr, Bruce Boggess, Lonny & Mary Louise Arnell, Norman Rentschler, Ron Velasquez, Holly Keener (staff).

Mel welcomed everyone and led the Pledge. Lunch was provided by the Mountain America Credit Union who were our speakers as well. The minutes were approved and the Treasurers report was filed.

Max Collotzi and other Advisory Council members gave a report on the Advisory Council meeting. Alene Stringham reported on the State Board meeting. Committees were reported on and a sheet of upcoming committee meetings was passed to each member. We are encouraged to attend the committees we are interested in.

Sheri and Bob reported on plans for the Summer Social. It will be at the Chuck-A-Rama located at 12344 Minuteman Drive in Draper. This has been the site of our Christmas Party the past two years. The Social will be from 1-3 on Friday, August 5. You will need to RSVP but there will be e-mails to remind you as the date approaches. Bob will need to know how many are coming so that we can get the larger room if necessary. (If you are planning long range the Xmas Party will be there on December 6.)

Travel to another District in September was discussed and Holly is checking on that.

Matt Meese, Matt McMullin, Austin Green, and Justin Preece from the Mountain America Credit Union then gave a presentation in wills, probate, trusts, and special instructions for executors, etc. They are available for individual meeting with any interested members.

There is no July meeting so the next time we meet will be the Summer Social.


August 5, 2016

Attending: Lenny Michaelsen, Pierre Neyme, Robert & Yvette Steele, David & Heidi Clark, Maurice & Vivian Wells, Curtis McCarthy, James Stearns, Linda & Gary Bennett, Max & Peggy Collotzi, David Engles, Gary Bowen, Don & Vonda Bahr, Susyn & Dean Keel, Kevin & Nedra Greer, Norman & Pat Rentschler, John Atamancszk, Donna Riley, Duane Dowden, Joe Taylor, Garr Ovard, Steven Dickson, Lenny & Mary Louise Arnell, Bruce & Colleen Boggess, John L. Rasmussen, Gus & Aida Garzarellli, Sheri Briggs, Tom  Scoville, Larry & Karen Orton, Abby Orton (Scholarship Winner) Elaine Bonham, Mel Provost and UPEA Staff:  Kamarie Nicdao, Holly Kener, Kendle Zdunich, Alene Schwei  and Todd Losser.

After all were seated Mel welcomed everyone and invited them to have lunch. The June minutes were deferred until the October meeting and the Treasurers’ Report will be done then.

Holly introduced the UPEA staff.

The Scholarship was awarded to Abby Jael Orton of Cedar City. She is the daughter of Larry W Orton and Karen H Orton. We were very happy to have them join with us for the Social. Abby attends Southern Utah University.

After the luncheon the group was adjourned until the September meeting which will be in Ogden on September 21.  At the October meeting we will have a travel presentation from Brian Judd Tours of Murray. See you then!


September 21, 2016

This meeting was held in conjunction with the Ogden District at the Ogden Regional Center. Lunch was provided by the Retirees District.

Attending: from Ogden: Pamela Ware, Courtney Carrion, Sally Chritchon, Andrea Torres, Linda Barrow, Mecht  Ty, Shirley Hilton, Natalie Stoddard, Valerie Gallegos, Shelly Sorenson, Carol Milckelson, Cathy Miller and Charlene Witbe

Retirees: Curtis McCarthy, Lonny & Mary L Arnell, Sheri Briggs, Tom Scoville, Shirley Willis, Don & Vonda Bahr, Norm Rentschler, Garr Ovard, Gary Bowen, John & Karen Atamanzyk, Mel Provost, Elaine Bonham and Holly Kener, staff.

We were welcomed by Andrea Torres, Ogden District Chair. A report of the District finances was given. Holly Kener gave a District update and recruitment numbers. She reported in PEADs and Socials held. There was a drawing for new members in June-August period. Information on the holiday social was given.

Then Mel Provost gave a presentation on retirement and what those who were about to retire could expect. He stressed the value of savings and investments for those years and encouraged all to start at once.

The next meeting will be on October 4, noon, at UPEA. Gus has arranged for a travel agency to come present to us. PLEASE –RSVP by Monday noon, Oct 3.  Thank you!

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