UPEA President’s Message

Thank you my fellow public employees for all the great work you accomplish each day.  I am proud to work with all of you.

Fall has arrived and I hope you had a wonderful summer and were able to spend quality time with family and friends on vacations and family activities.

Fall also means election season is upon us.  Please take time to get to know the candidates running for public office in your area.  The Citizen Action by Public Employees committee has spent numerous hours interviewing many candidates to gauge their feelings about public employees and their needs.  After interviews have taken place, the CAPE committee has endorsed many candidates.  Look at this listo find the candidates who have earned UPEA’s endorsement because they are friendly toward public employees.  Once you know the candidates, take the time to vote.  We have all heard that “every vote counts,“ so vote and be counted.

I want to give a shout-out and a thank you to the UPEA staff.  I attend Advisory Council and State Board meetings and I am impressed with all that they accomplish.  We hear about all their travels around the state holding Public Employee Appreciation Days (PEADs) and visiting various worksites.  New members have been recruited on each trip, giving UPEA a stronger voice.

Also, please continue to tell your co-workers about all the benefits from being a member of UPEA.

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