Minutes of the Retirees District

October 4, 2016

Attending: Mel Provost, Elaine Bonham, Lennis & Myrna Anderson, Yvette & Bob Steele, Sheri Briggs, Lonny & Mary Louise Arnell, Jerry Buttars, Max Collotzi, Steve Dickson, John L. Rasmussen, Debra McBride, Joe Taylor, Garr Ovard, Norm Rentschler, Gary Bowen, Holly Kener (staff), Gus & Aida Garzarelli, Kevin Duffy, Don & Vonda Bahr.

Mel welcomed all those in attendance; he then led us all in the Pledge of Allegiance. Lunch was served and Elaine asked all to please RSVP so she can plan the amount of food needed. The minutes for May, June, the Summer Social, and the September meeting in Ogden were approved. The treasurer’s report was given.

Max and Norm reported on the Advisory Council meeting and items discussed. Debra reported on the State Board meeting. Holly said we had a “Thank You” from the Ogden District. She also said any who were interested were invited to the upcoming Bear River District Social.

Gus introduced the program which was given by the Brian Judd Tours of Murray.  Brian and his son, Steve, came to present to us. Brian pointed out several tours that were coming up. His flyers indicated that many were sold out for this year.  The Judds travel with each group and, in the case of bus tours, keep the groups small so that they can better interact with the group. Brian said they use the top facilities for each tour and pointed out that all tour prices start with airfare from Salt Lake and include all port taxes, transfers, airline taxes, etc.

Meeting adjourned.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 1, at UPEA—noon.  Maurice will give us the annual update on Social Security, Medicare, and supplemental and advantage plans.


November 1, 2016

Attending: Elaine Bonham, Myrna and Lennis Anderson, Joe Taylor, Robert & Yvette Steele, Holly Kener (staff), Garr Ovard, Deon Corkins, Diane Keay (guest), Aida & Gus Garzarelli, Gary Bowen, Tom Sharpton, John L. Rasmussen, Don & Vonda Bahr,  Lonny & Mary Louise Arnell, Deb McBride, Ron Valesquez, J.J. Jones.

Mel welcomed everyone, the Pledge was said, and lunch was provided. The approval of the minutes was held until the January meeting because the December meeting is the Christmas social. The treasurers report was given and filed. There was no report on the Advisory Council or State Board as they are to meet on Saturday, Nov. 5. Deb reported on the General Council Committee progress.

Holly handed out sheets and reminded everyone of the free Medicare Seminars that are to be held in various locations in Utah. She also invited everyone to the Election Party on Nov. 8 from 5:30 to 8:00p.m. There will also be a Christmas Open House.

The time was then turned over to Maurice who gave his annual update on Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and Medicare Advantage Plans. This allows us to determine which programs are best for us as individuals.  We appreciate the effort he puts into his presentation for us.

The Annual Christmas Social will be on Tuesday, December 6, at the Chuck-A-Rama located at 12344 Minuteman Drive in Draper. We will need you to RSVP in order to get a count for the room.  You will be reminded again.


December 6, 2016

This meeting was the Christmas Social held at the Chuck-a-Rama located at 12344 Minuteman Drive in Draper. Attendance was as follows:

Mel Provost, Elaine Bonham, Norm & Pat Rentschler, Gary Bowen, Pierre Neyme, Bruce Boggess, Larry Laxman (guest),Steven Dickson, Max & Peggy Collotzi, Jerry Buttars, Sheri Briggs & Tom Scoville, Robert & Yvette Steele, Tom Sharpton, Lonny & Mary Louise Arnell, Deb McBride, Gene Miner, Gus Garzarelli, Robert & Gin Strong, Lennis & Myrna Anderson, John L Rasmussen, Garr Ovard, W John & Karen Atamanczyk, Don & Vonda Bahr, Pete Negus, Linda & Gary Bennett, Ron Velasquez, and 4 staff members.

Mel welcomed everyone and invited them to have lunch. After lunch regular agenda items were dismissed.  The election for the new 2nd VP was held. Gary Bowen was elected 2nd VP. Due to the resignation of Joe Taylor, who was to become Chair in April, Lonnie Arnell will move into the 1st VP seat and will take office in April 2017.

Two Advisory Council seats were open, those of Deb McBride and Max Collotzi, as their terms expire. Steve Dickson and Ron Velasquez were elected to those seats. It is a 3-year term.

A special thank you to Bob Steele who purchased the favors.


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at the UPEA offices. It will be held at noon. Holly will tell us what UPEA is anticipating in the Legislature and discuss “How a Bill becomes Law.”



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