Salt Lake County Budget Approves Compensation Pay Structure Changes

Over the past several months, UPEA has lobbied the Salt Lake County Council regarding the 2017 budget, pay grades, updated pay policies, job slotting appeal form and process.  On Dec. 6, the Salt Lake County Council approved the Salt Lake County 2017 budget, which included the following employee compensation and benefits:

  • A 3percent across-the-board pay increase for eligible employees
    • Red-lined employees will receive a 3 percent lump sum payment
    • Probationary employees will receive a prorated increase
  • Elimination of the 1.5 percent 401(k) contribution for Tier I employees
    • The money saved will be used to address compression
  • Health Insurance
    • Traditional PPO Plan: 6 percent increase (beginning April 1), no change to the “80/20” split
    • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP): no increase; monetary increase to the wellness incentive and the option to have it deposited into an HSA

In November, the Salt Lake County Council approved Human Resources’ recommended pay-grade structures and the job slotting appeal form.  If a Salt Lake County employee believes his or her job is incorrectly slotted, the employee can appeal by completing the Job Slotting Appeal form and following the directions outlined in the Job Slotting Appeal Process.  This is a one-time appeal and the employee is allowed to have representation in the form of another employee, a supervisor, an elected official, or a UPEA representative present.  More detailed information about the Job Slotting Appeal Process and form can be found at this link: Job Slotting Appeal Process*.  It is important to note this appeal is  where the employee’s job is slotted in the pay grade, not the employee’s job description or job duties, as that would be a classification appeal**.

The Salt Lake County Council also approved the updated pay policies***, which take effect on Jan. 16.  Any updates will be posted on Salt Lake County’s Human Resources website.

*More information about the Job Slotting Appeal Process can be found on HR’s Compensation webpage.

** More information about job classification and the Job Reclassification Process can be found on HR’s Classification webpage, or HR Policy 2-200: Allocation and Classification of Merit Positions.

*** The updated pay policies are posted on HR’s Policy webpage and the pay grade structures can be found on HR’s Compensation webpage.

If you have questions, contact your UPEA representative for Salt Lake County: Alene Schwei, or (801) 264-8732, ext. 212


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