2017 Second Vice President Candidate: Deb McBride

Deb McBride:deb-color

I feel the future of UPEA depends upon the strength and voice of its’ members.  By working to coordinate and facilitate the needs and interests of UPEA’s diverse membership, we will be improving the quality and direction of the association’s communication to its members and the general public.

Over the years we have talked about the importance of being a member of UPEA.  It is important to remember that UPEA is a grassroots member run organization and not a union,.

It is important to the future growth and leadership of UPEA to ensure continued dialogue between its members and the elected officers of the association.  UPEA will continue to be the voice of public employees.  I want to improve the communication between the association’s leadership and its member.

As an officer of UPEA my goals will be to:

  • Help staff lobby elected officials for pay increases and to fund benefits.
  • Educate public employees about the value of being a UPEA member.
  • Inform the general public about the difference between UPEA and a union in a right-to-work state.
  • Tell the general public how Utah works better and more efficiently because of public employees.

Together our voices will make a difference.  The bigger the voice, the bigger the difference!

We should never assume someone else will take care of our problems for us.  UPEA is your voice!

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