Deb McBride elected Second Vice President

Deb McBride has been elected as the Utah Public Employee Association’s (UPEA’s) new second vice president. Retired from the Utah Department of Health, she vowed to “educate public employees about the value of being a UPEA member.” The UPEA Nominations Committee confirmed that McBride received the majority of votes in the election.

All UPEA officers, including Deb, were sworn in at this year’s 2017 General Council. In her first year, she will be chairwoman of the Resolutions Committee. After one year, McBride will become first vice president, a position in which she will preside in the president’s absence and act as chairwoman of the UPEA Legislative Committee to oversee the association’s legislative activity throughout the year. McBride will serve as UPEA president during the 2019-2020 term.

McBride’s platform included:

As an officer of UPEA my goals will be to:

  • Help staff lobby elected officials for pay increases and to fund benefits
  • Educate public employees about the value of being a UPEA member
  • Inform the general public about the difference between UPEA and a union in a right-to-work state
  • Tell the general public how Utah works better and more efficiently because of public employees


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