Public Employee Compensation Update

Public employee compensation is always a priority for UPEA. Throughout the 2017 legislative session, staff met with legislative leadership to discuss what would be possible for FY2018. This year, Gov. Gary Herbert recommended funding a 1 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for all state employees at a cost of approximately $7 million. He also recommended funding any projected health insurance premium increase, and maintaining the $26 per pay period 401(k) match. In addition to the COLA, Herbert also proposed setting aside $3 million to fund raises for specific types of state employees.

After revenue estimates were released in mid-February, the Executive Appropriations Committee began to craft the final FY2018 budget. During the March 3 Executive Appropriations Committee meeting, Rep. Bradley Last, R-Hurricane, proposed House Bill 8. The bill provides a 2 percent increase for all state employees, funding for the 8 percent health insurance premium increase, funding for the 401(k) match program, and funding for the recommended targeted raises.

UPEA would like to thank its members for their continued support and for contacting their legislators. Each year, when the legislative session ends, UPEA begins working and discussing solutions for public employee compensation for the coming year.

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