Minutes of the Retirees District

Jan 10, 2017

Attending: Mel Provost, Myrna & Lennis Anderson, Max Collotzi, Robert & Yvette Steele, Sheri Briggs, Maurice Wells, Lonny & Mary Louise Arnell, Steven Dickson, Gary Bowen, Gus Garzarelli, Pete Negus, Norm Rentschler, Bruce Boggess, David S Clark, Don & Vonda Bahr, Deb McBride, John L Rasmussen.  Holly Kener and Alene Schwei (staff) Excused: Elaine Bonham

Mel welcomed the attendees, the Pledge was given and lunch was provided. Minutes from November and December were approved with the addition of Sheri Briggs attendance in November. The Treasurer’s report was given and filed. Holly gave the staff report.

The time was then turned over to Todd who gave a presentation of what UPEA is expecting from the 2017 Legislature and talked about the steps it takes for a bill to become law.

General Council was discussed. There were ideas given as to what the District might wear to show solidarity. Scarves were suggested. Ideas are to be brought to the February meeting.

Feb 7, 2017

Attending: Elaine Bonham, Myrna Anderson, Lennis Anderson, Robert & Yvette Steele, Sheri Briggs, Maurice Wells, James Stearns, Jerry Buttars, Max Collotzi, Steven Dickson, Gary Bowen, Tom Sharpton, Pete Negus, Norm Rentschler, Don & Vonda Bahr, Ron Velasquez, Deon Corkin, Bruce Boggess, Lonny & Mary Louise Arnell, Mel Provost, and Alene Shwei (staff).

Mel welcomed everyone, the Pledge was recited, and lunch was served. The minutes were approved and the Treasurer’s report was given. It was moved that the spouse or partner expense for General Council be paid by the District. Motion passed. It was also moved that the District give two $25.00 Door Prizes for General Council. That motion also passed. The District decided on fleece scarves for those attending General Council. That was also approved and Elaine will order them.

Those who will be going to General Council from our District need to get their reservations in quickly. Today if possible. We have 12 slots plus those who are on CAPE, State Board, or Advisory Council; or are Past-Presidents.

Max gave a report on Advisory Council with additions from Norm. Alene Schwei gave an update on the Legislature. Higher Ed has some bills UPEA is watching. The Governor has currently recommended a 1% raise for State employees, HJR 13 concerns health insurance actions and SB127 would allow for the State Board of Education employees to be removed from the Merit System. UPEA is watching these and other bills that will arise.

Maurice introduced Carol Wilcox from Senior Focus. Carol gave a presentation on aging and dementia. She runs a clinic at the Sandy Senior Center where we can go to get screened on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment study. You can make an appointment on any 3rd Tuesday for this screen. Carol suggested it would be good to get one now and then there would be a baseline for future screenings. She also gave many ways to tell if we have dementia or if it is starting.

March 7, 2017

Attending: Mel Provost, Elaine Bonham, Myrna & Lennis Anderson, Sheri Briggs, Robert & Yvette Steele, John L Rasmussen, John H Jones, Bruce Boggess, Ron Velasquez, Deb McBride, Don & Vonda Bahr, Gary Bowen, Steven Dickson, Norm Rentschler, Gus & Aida Garzarelli, Max Collotzi ,Jerry Buttars, Lonny & Mary Louise Arnell, Arlene Schwei (staff).

Mel welcomed everyone and the Pledge was said. The minutes were approved as well as the Treasurer’s report.

Alene reported on the Legislature. There has been some adjustment in the Health Programs offered to the employees in order to make the programs more equitable between the Star plan and the regular plan. It appears that state employees will get a 2% increase. The Leg is calling it a “market adjustment.

Debra reported on General Council and said the plans were shaping up well. She complimented her committee saying it was the best she had ever worked with. Our District has 12 openings plus those who will attend as members of Advisory Council, CAPE, or who are former Presidents of UPEA. This should total about 20 delegates. Scarves were passed out to be worn during the meetings so that our group can be identified.

The group worked on the schedule for the next year. These are the plans:

April 4: Emergency Preparedness—————————————–John Jones

May 2: Hospice Information———————————————– Gary Bowen

June 6: Investment Counseling——————————————– Lonny Arnell


August ?: Summer Social—————————————————- Bob Steele

Sept 12: Meet with Mountainlands District—————————- Alene Schwei

Oct 3: Computer Info for Seniors—————————————— James Stearns

Nov 14: Health Plan Changes———————————————– Maurice Wells

Dec ?: Christmas Party , elections—————————————– Bob Steele

Jan 9: Senior Center Info, Salt Lake Valley——————————- Bob Steele

Feb 6: Legislature ————————————————————- Staff

Mar 6: Legislature Updates, General Council————————— Staff

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