Recruiter Awards

The heart of any employee organization is membership growth and sustainability. The Utah Public Employees Association (UPEA) is no different. Public employees who needed a voice established UPEA as a grassroots organization, and the Association continues to operate today under the guidance and leadership of outstanding members.

We are so grateful to our members who help us grow our organization and affect change at the Legislature. Since July 2016, UPEA has had 428 new members. Of those, 83 are new retired members and 355 are working members.

During each quarter, all of the recruiters were put into a bowl and one name was randomly drawn for a $25 check. Quarterly drawing winners include:

  • FY17 1st – Tara Brunatti – District 10 – Salt Lake Valley Local Government
    • During the quarter, there were 189 new members recruited and 53 different recruiters.
  • FY17 2nd – John Christiansen – District 11 – Law Enforcement
    • During the quarter, there were 134 new members recruited in the quarter and 45 different recruiters.
  • FY17 3rd – Jackie PaulDistrict 10 – Salt Lake Valley Local Government
    • During the quarter there were 61 new members recruited and 26 different recruiters.
  • The annual recruiter winner (1st, 2nd and 3rd FY17 Quarters) – $200 reward Bryan Thatcher – District 11 – Law Enforcement
  • Top district recruiters – each receives a $25 check
    • Bear River – District 1 – Travis Jeppsen
    • Ogden Valley – District 2 – Linda Barrows
    • Mountainlands – District 4 – Cole Robinson
    • Panoramaland – District 5 – Chad Beck, Colton Curtis, Stacia Shumway, Traci Cahill, Aileen Macart, Tammy Powell, Sean Frost
    • Color Country – District 6 – Penny Rice
    • Uintah Basin – District 7 – Rebecca Pittman
    • Southeastern – District 8 – Amanda Leyba, Jimie Jones
    • Salt Lake Valley Local Government – District 10 – Mathew Markus
    • Law Enforcement – District 11 – John Christiansen
    • Transportation – District 12 – Kevon Ogden, Valentino Martinez
    • North Temple District 13 – Karen Roylance, Dave Cianto
    • Salt Lake Valley General Government – District 14 – Lori Benton, Angela Schmith
  • Recruiter of the Year – $250 check
    • John Christiansen – Law Enforcement District

John Christiansen is driven to help grow UPEA.  What are the characteristics of driven people?  1.) They have a passion for what they are doing; 2.) They are doers; and 3.) They have an internal need to win.

Drive is part of Christiansen’s DNA.  He never takes on any task half way.  If you have ever worked around Christiansen, it’s exhausting and energizing at the same time.

UPEA would like to honor Christiansen for the third year in a row with the Recruiter of the Year Award.  During his personal recruitment drive, Christiansen has recruited 318 members. Ninety-three of those were recruited during 2016.  His recruitment efforts are in addition to an intense job assignment, raising a family, and serving as an active member of the Utah National Guard.  Lack of time is never an excuse for him.

Christiansen’s efforts are unprecedented in UPEA history.  He has been the catalyst to help UPEA maintain a solid foundation as the largest employee organization in Utah.

Thank you for your dedication to UPEA!




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