Retiree Minutes

May 2, 2017

Attending: Lonny and Mary Louise Arnell, Elaine Bonham, Mel Provost, Myrna and Lennis Anderson, Bob and Yvette Steele, Alene Schwei (UPEA staff), Norm Rentschler, Don and Vonda Bahr, Ron Velasquez, Pete Negus, Steven Dickson, James Stearns, Max Collotzi, Sheri Briggs, John L Rasmussen, Bruce Boggess, Gary Bowen, Leonard Michaelson and wife, and guests from CNS—Steve Love, senior vice president,  and Teresa Gordon, patient coordinator.

Lonny welcomed all, the pledge was recited, and lunch was served. The treasurer’s report was accepted. Alene reported the Legislative Interim Committee meetings would start on May 15.

Gary Introduced Steve Love and Teresa Gordon and they gave an explanation and report on the hospice program provided by Community Nursing Services (CNS). They explained how patients get on the program and the many facets of service provided.

The next meeting will be on June 6. Lonny is in charge of the program, which will be on investment counseling. We will not meet in July. The August meeting will be our summer social. It will be held on Aug. 1 at the Chuck-A-Rama, 12344 Minuteman Drive, Draper.

June 6, 2017

Attending: Lonny and Mary Louise Arnell, Elaine Bonham, James Sharp, Mel Provost, Lennis and Myrna Anderson, Max Collotzi, Sheri Briggs, Gus Garzarelli, Pete Negus, Norm Rentschler, Gary Bowen, Bruce Boggess. Gale Pace, Robert and Yvette Steele, Maurice Wells, and Alene Schwei (staff).

Lonnie welcomed those attending. The pledge was said and lunch was served.

The treasurer’s report was given. Approval of the minutes was postponed to the next meeting.

Max and Norm reported on the Advisory Council meeting heldJune 3.

Norm also encouraged members to join the standing committees of UPEA.

Alene introduced the newest UPEA staff member. She also reported that Mountainlands had changed the date of its September meeting to Sept 26. Because of this change, the Retirees District may not meet with them but will plan a September meeting on  Sept 12. More information will follow on this change.

Lonny then introduced his son, Darrin, who provided information on investing. He pointed out the difference in dividend from regular bank certificates of deposit (CDs) and market-linked CDs,which are handled by investment firms.

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