Retiree Retirement Membership Council Seat

UPEA has an open seat on the Utah State Retirement Membership Council. This seat has a four-year term, which begins immediately and ends June 30, 2021. The individual who fills this seat will represent the interests of all public employees. The duties of the council members are as follows:

  • recommend to the Utah Retirement Systems (URS) Board and to the Legislature benefits and policies for members of any system or plan administered by the URS Board
  • Recommend procedures and practices to improve the administration of the systems and plans and the public employee relations responsibilities of the board and office
  • examine the record of all decisions affecting retirement benefits made by a hearing officer submit nominations to the URS Board for the position of the executive director if that position is vacant
  • advise and counsel with the URS Board and the director on policies affecting members of the various systems administered by the office
  • perform other duties assigned to it by the URS Board

There is no stipend for this position. However, the URS Board may decide to reimburse council members for their travel and expenses when attending meetings.

UPEA encourages any retiree member who would like to be considered for this position to apply. You must be a current, active UPEA member. Interested individuals should apply by sending, faxing, or emailing a letter of intent as well as a resume no later than Sept. 1 to:


Attn: Mike

1000 W. Bellwood Lane

Murray, UT 84123


Fax: 801 264-8879

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