UPEA Members Establish Legislative Priorities

Each July, UPEA sends a survey to members seeking input on which items should be prioritized during the next legislative session. The 2018 survey was sent on July 10, and UPEA received 706 responses.

Respondents identified compensation as their priority, with 50.74 percent calling it the most important issue, followed by healthcare (18.57 percent) and retirement (18.37 percent). Issues of less importance that UPEA will continue to monitor were the career service system/merit system (6.47 percent), sick leave/annual leave/PTO (4.28 percent), and post-retirement retire/rehire (4.15 percent).

UPEA asked members which method they would prefer if the Legislature were to fund a pay increase. The majority (61.14 percent) preferred the pay increase to be a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), while a general increase was the second most preferred (33.68 percent ) and a discretionary increase was least preferred (6.69 percent).

Of respondents, 21.84 percent were very satisfied with their PEHP healthcare plans, while 49.86 percent said they were satisfied.

UPEA members said they are willing to contact their legislators regarding public employee issues during the 2018 legislative session. If you do not know who your state legislator is, please click here. Contact your legislator before the legislative session, and introduce yourself as a public employee and a constituent. When issues occur, maintain contact with your legislator. For brief guidelines, please click here.

The Legislative Standing Committee will take the survey results and put together the 2018 legislative package on Aug. 24 at 6 p.m.  at the UPEA office. Once the package is reviewed and finalized, the Legislative Standing committee will present it to the Advisory Council onSept. 9.

“UPEA is a grass-roots organization that is looking for volunteers that will strengthen the Association. There are many ways to participate, from your local district to UPEA standing committees,” said Todd Losser, UPEA executive director. To learn more about district involvement and committees, click here. You can contact your UPEA representative at 801-264-8732 for additional information.

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