A Moment In History: First UPEA Newsletter Published 58 Years Ago

In August 1959, UPEA released its first newsletter to members.

At the time, UPEA was promoting the creation of a retirement committee to enact a program for public employees. Chaired by Arias G. Belnap, a state tax commissioner and former county official, the committee consisted of the state auditor, accountants, and other representatives from the state.

The newsletter also featured a letter from the president of the Washington State Employees’ Association, in which he stated that he is “thoroughly convinced that this type of organization is best for state employees” and congratulated Utah on the organization of the association.

The first newsletter boasted about the growth of the association. During the first month of recruitment, the association gained 1,368 new members from 21 state departments. Employees were urged to join the association and existing members encouraged to recruit incoming employees.

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