Resolutions Sought for 2018 Policy and Platform

The Resolutions Committee is meeting to discuss proposed changes it may include in the 2018 Policy and Platform to be presented at General Council in March 2018.  The committee has issued a call for resolutions to be considered for inclusion in the Policy and Platform.  The following items must be included on each resolution form:

  • Who is submitting the resolution?  Resolutions can be submitted by a district, a committee, or by a group of at least 10 UPEA members.  A resolution form should include signatures.
  • Who is the contact person?  The resolution form must include the name and telephone number of an individual who can be contacted with questions.
  • When is the deadline for submitting resolutions?  Resolutions must be submitted, faxed, or postmarked no later than Jan. 2.  The Resolutions Committee will not consider resolutions not received by this date.

Submit resolution forms to Alene Schwei at or by mailing them to the following address:


Attn:  Resolutions Committee

1000 Bellwood Lane

Murray, Utah  84123-4494

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