Retirees District Minutes

Summer Social

Aug. 1, 2017

Attending: Lonny and Mary Louise Arnell, Lennis and Myrna Anderson, Bruce and Colleen Boggess, James Stearns, Tom Sharpton, Don and Vonda Bahr, Sheri Briggs, Tom Scoville, John H. Jones, Robert and Yvette Steele, Curtis McCarthy, Gale Pace, Norman and Patricia Rentschler, Gary Bowen, Suzie Yeates, Maurice Wells, Deon Corkins, Max and Peggy Collotzi, Jerry and Jeannie Buttars, Arlyn and Ann Proctor, Kevin and Nedra Green, Robert and Gin Strong, Dave and Heidi Clark, Elaine Bonham, Mel Provost, Todd Losser, and staff.

Lonny welcomed everyone and asked them to be sure to sign the roll. All were invited to get their lunches and enjoy the social time together.

After lunch Lonny announced the next meeting would be on Sept. 12. The program will be presented by Brian Judd Tours.

Due to a resignation, the district needed to elect another second vice president.  Norman Rentschler was elected by acclamation.

The meeting was adjourned.


Sept. 12th, 2017

Attending: Lonny and Mary Louise Arnell, Mel Provost, Myrna and Lennis Anderson, Bob and Yvette Steele, Norm Rentschler, Sheri Briggs, Max Collotzi, James Stearns, Lenny and Gay Michaelsen, Jerry and Jeannie Buttars, Craig Webb, Steven Dickson, Don and Vonda Bahr, and Alene Schwei (UPEA staff).

Lonny welcomed all. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and lunch was served. Lonny asked everyone to sign the roll and the card for Elaine, who recently broke her hip.   The minutes for May, June, and August were approved.

Craig Webb, a new member, was introduced and welcomed. Max reported on the Advisory Council meeting recently held.  Norm and Steve made additional comments.   Norm also encouraged members of the district to join the standing committees of UPEA. Lonny explained that due to a communication problem, Paul Judd Tours would not be present today.

Instead, an activity called “Getting to Know You” was presented.   All attendees stated their names, where they were born, where they worked, and shared a few more items about themselves. Everyone got to know each other better because of this fun activity.

The next meeting will be on Oct. 3.  James Stearns will be in charge of the program, which will be on computer information for ensiors.



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