Summer Socials Celebrated in Districts Throughout Utah


On July 26, Panoramaland, held its summer social at the Lion’s Park in Richfield. The district provided hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, salad, and treats for all of the public employees in the area. Attendees enjoyed swimming, volleyball, basketball, and more outdoor games with coworkers and family.



On Aug.15, the Mountainlands District held its summer social at the Scera Pool in Orem. With the entire facility reserved for the event, members and nonmembers enjoyed ice cream and swimming before the end of the summer.




North Temple and Salt Lake Valley General Government

The UPEA Salt Lake General Government and North Temple districts held a joint summer social on Sept. 16 in the West Pavilion of Historic Wheeler Farm. Attendees were able to enjoy the entire farm while having dinner with family and other state employees. UPEA served hotdogs, nachos, and cake to more than 150 attendees. The districts provided more than 50 door prizes of Halloween goodies, movies, candy, and more!


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