FY2019 Base Budgets

Appropriation subcommittees have been finalizing their base budgets the past two weeks. All appropriation subcommittees were asked to find efficiencies and make reasonable cuts to their budgets to make more money available for reallocation. Agencies have also made appropriation requests for reallocated funds. These bills are just a starting point and budgets will be finalized later in the session after final revenue numbers have been released.

UPEA representatives have been tracking any potential cuts to staffing and more details will be available once base budgets are approved. If you’d like more details on committee budgets please click here. After visiting this link you can view each committee budget by line-item.

Here are the links to each committee base budget bill:

Higher Education Base Budget

Social Services Base Budget

Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base Budget

Retirement and Independent Entities Base Budget

Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget

National Guard, Veterans’ Affairs, and Legislature Base Budget

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Equality Base Budget

Executive Office and Criminal Justice Base Budget


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