JJS Restoration

At the Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Appropriations Subcommittee final meeting on February 13, 2018 Senate Chair Daniel Thatcher made the motion to restore $9 million of the $14 million budget cut, resulting in a $5 million based budget cut for JJS. The motion passed unanimously and included the recommendation to close the Wasatch Youth Center in Salt Lake County, which is nearly half or $2.4 million of the $5 million reduction.

JJS Division Director Susan Burke told UPEA Field Services Manager that the division is currently working with DHRM to create workforce adjustment plans in accordance with Utah State Code 67-19-18(6) and eliminate 41 positions, which she said probably will not be limited to Salt Lake County, but also Weber, Davis and Utah Counties. JJS is looking at current vacancies within their division to transfer or reassign employees before laying off employees.

Executive Appropriations is meeting this week to vote on the subcommittee appropriation recommendations. UPEA urges you to contact members of this committee and your legislators asking them to reconsider eliminating $5 million from JJS’ budget to delay and minimize the need to eliminate staff positions. If you choose to email or call, please give your legislator your name and address to identify yourself as a constituent.  At the end of the email or call, thank them for their time and support.  Do not use state resources, time or property when contacting your legislator.

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