Erin Stephens is UPEA’s Top Recruiter

The heart of any employee organization is membership growth and sustainability. The Utah Public Employees Association (UPEA) is no different. Public employees who needed a voice established UPEA as a grassroots organization, and the Association continues to operate today under the guidance and leadership of outstanding members.

We are so grateful to our members who help us grow our organization and affect change at the Legislature. Since June 2017, UPEA has added 407 new members.

During each quarter, the names of all the recruiters were put into a bowl and one name was randomly drawn for a $25 check. Quarterly drawing winners include:


  • FY17 1st – Barry Asay – District 4 – Mountainlands
  • FY17 2nd – Joe Doman – District 11 – Law Enforcement
  • FY17 3rd – Lillian Dopp – District 2 – Ogden Valley
  • FY17 4th – Carmen Dickson – District 13 – North Temple


  • The annual recruiter winner (1st, 2nd and 3rd FY17 Quarters) – $200 reward Lance Mooney – District 5 – Panoramaland

Top district recruiters – each receives a $25 check

      • District 1 – Bear River:                   Katie Hinsohn
      • District 2 – Ogden Valley:              Pattie Maw
    • District 4 – Mountainlands:                 Cole Robinson
    • District 5 – Panoramaland:                  Colton Curtis
    • District 6 – Color Country:                  Perrie Colette
    • District 7 – Uintah Basin:                    Rebecca Pittman
    • District 8 – Southeastern:                   Angela McCourt
    • District 10 –SL Valley Local Gov.:       Steve Retford
    • District 11 – Law Enforcement:         Johnny Christiansen
    • District 12 – Transportation:              Craig Beckstead
    • District 13 – North Temple:               Erin Stephens
    • District 14 – SL Valley General Gov: Lori Benton
  • Recruiter of the Year – $250 check Erin Stephens – North Temple District

Stephens graduated from the University of Utah and has worked for the Division of Child and Family Services for more than 10 years. Stephens has been a UPEA member for 10 years.  She believes that strong advocacy for state workers is the key to our betterment. She has served at the district level, on various committees and on the Advisory Council.

Stephens adopted two girls who were in the foster care system and hopes to adopt another child, a boy, soon.

Thank you for your dedication to UPEA!

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