UPEA Citizen Action by Public Employees Committee Endorses Candidates

The Citizen Action by Public Employees (CAPE) Committee is made up of Utah Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) members who volunteer their time to interview and endorse public employee-friendly candidates.  CAPE Committee members ensure that public employees have a voice and are represented in the political process.  Jeff Horrocks, who currently serves as the committee’s chairman, states that, “CAPE provides public employees, who may not have the time or resources, the opportunity to have a voice in the election and know that the candidates endorsed by the Committee will represent their interests and rights.”

The CAPE Committee has been meeting since the beginning of the year to discuss, interview, and endorse political candidates who are running for office.  Candidates are asked about their views on a variety of public employee issues such as compensation, benefits, retirement, healthcare, and privatization.  The responses by the candidates are one factor in determining whether the committee will endorse a particular candidate.  They also take into account the candidate’s voting history (if he or she is an incumbent), and if he or she has been favorable of UPEA issues in the past.  After the formal interview process, the committee discusses whether the candidate will continue to support public employee issues once elected.  An endorsement vote is taken to determine whether the committee will endorse or remain neutral in a specific race.

It is important to endorse and elect public employee-friendly candidates.  These are the individuals who determine and establish pay and benefits.  Through the power of voting, public employees decide who will represent them on crucial issues.

Senate Races
Senate 2 Derek Kitchen
Senate 3 Gene Davis (I)
Senate 4 Jani Iwamoto (I)
Senate 5 Karen Mayne (I)
Senate 8 Brian Zehnder(I)
Senate 28 Evan Vickers (I)
House Races
House 3 Val Potter (I)
House 5 Casey Snider
House 8 Deana Froerer
House 9 Kathie Darby
House 10 Lawanna Shurtliff
House 13 Paul Ray (I)
House 16 Steve Handy (I)
House 19 Raymond Ward (I)
House 21 Doug Sagers (I)
House 22 Susan Duckworth (I)
House 23 Sandra Hollins (I)
House 24 Jennifer Dailey-Provost
House 25 Joel Briscoe (I)
House 28 Brian King (I)
House 29 Lee Perry (I)
House 30 Mike Winder (I)
House 31 Liz Weight (I)
House 32 Suzane Harrison
House 33 Craig Hall (I)
House 34 Karen Kwan (I)
House 35 Mark Wheatley (I)
House 36 Patrice Arent (I)
House 37 Carol Spackman Moss (I)
House 38 Eric Hutchings (I)
House 39 Jim Dunnigan (I)
House 40 Stephanie Pitcher
House 44 Bruce Cutler (I)
House 46 Marie Poulson (I)
House 49 Robert Spendlove (I)
House 51 Jeff Stenquist
House 58 Derrin Owens (I)
House 60 Brad Daw (I)
House 61 Marsha Judkins
House 68 Merrill Nelson (I)
House 69 Christine Watkins (I)
House 70 Carl Albrecht (I)
House 72 Rex Shipp
House 74 Lowry Snow (I)
County Elections
Council #3 Aimee Winder Newton (I)
District Attorney Nathan Evershed