PEHP, Health Insurance Premiums, Transparency, and Cash Back Options

Health insurance premiums increased this year by 4.35%, which is $12.2 million. The legislature has indicated they will fully fund the increase.

In addition, PEHP is also focusing on transparency, and has developed a new cost tool where members can “find and compare options” that will give a breakdown of costs, common ranges, prices of doctors, locations of service, and more. This tool is beneficial to members because you will have the ability to compare options and make the most educated and cost-effective choice about your care.  This tool is available on PEHP’s website.  This new feature also has a green phone with a money sign above it.  When you are comparing your choices, these signs indicate there is a cash back incentive.  Members can call PEHP to see how much cash back is available.  Depending upon the choices, some members can receive up to $500 on a cash-back option.

PEHP is focusing on transparency, choice, and effectiveness for members.  UPEA will continue to keep you apprised of any program changes.