Appropriation Committee Base Budget Bills

Each year the Utah State Legislature begins the session by reviewing base budgets and appropriation requests. These meetings occur daily for the first few weeks until base budgets are finalized by each subcommittee. During this process, subcommittees hear presentations from agencies, fiscal analysts, and legislators about funding requests. Specific funding requests are amended, denied, approved and then sent as a base budget to the Executive Appropriations Committee for final approval.

UPEA representatives attend the subcommittee meetings to track any potential changes for public employees. During the process, UPEA lobbyists speak with legislators to protect, inform, and improve public employee jobs.

Appropriation subcommittees have completed their base budget requests for approval and are presenting their requests to the Executive Appropriations committee. Revenue numbers have been released and the Executive Appropriations Committee will determine which subcommittee requests to fund. To learn more about the latest revenue estimates click here and here.

If you’d like more details on committee budgets please click here. After visiting this link you can view each committee budget by line-item.

The following are links to each committee base budget bill:

Higher Education Base Budget

Social Services Base Budget

Business, Economic Development, and Labor Base Budget

Retirement and Independent Entities Base Budget

Infrastructure and General Government Base Budget

National Guard, Veterans’ Affairs, and Legislature Base Budget

Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Equality Base Budget

Executive Office and Criminal Justice Base Budget