State of Utah Representative Encourages Executive Appropriations to Prioritize State Employee Compensation

During the past several months UPEA has been working to ensure that legislators are informed about state employee compensation deficiencies. Representative Eric Hutchings (R) has been working with the UPEA to address agency needs for compensation increases. During the Executive Appropriations Committee meeting on Friday, February 22, Rep. Hutchings spoke to the Committee about the importance of prioritizing state agency compensation increases within his own committee and for all state employees.

During his presentation, Rep. Hutchings reported that as a state we are “struggling to get people into our own agencies.” He clarified that “not only are we losing employees to the private sector, but other public sectors have become more competitive than the state.”  Hutchings strongly encouraged the committee to consider the difficulties that state employees face. By not adjusting employees’ compensation appropriately they are not keeping up with inflation and are falling farther behind each year.  Hutchings mentioned that the state employee lifestyle isn’t what it was ten years ago and concluded by saying “at some point we’ve got to help our own folks.”

UPEA encourages its members to contact their legislators and support Rep. Hutchings’ recommendation to prioritize funding for public employee compensation. Please contact legislators on your own time with your own equipment. To find your legislator, click here.