2019 General Council

UPEA Recognizes Contributions of Delegates, Honorees, and Staffers

The 2019 General Council recognition banquet was a success. More than 150 delegates, honorees, and staff members celebrated the hard work devoted to the Utah Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) this year.  Many honorees for the Public Employee Salute, the MACU/UPEA Scholarship, and the top district recruiters attended to accept their awards.

UPEA’s outgoing president, Mark Murray, introduced the attendees at the head table, including Executive Director Todd Losser. Losser then introduced the UPEA staff members and thanked them for their work this year.

Hannah Gorski and Eric Buchanan then introduced the Public Employee Salute winners and invited them to the stage to be recognized. If you’d like to read about the Public Employee Salute winners, please click here for the complete article.

Kendle Zdunich then joined Eric Buchanan on the stage to congratulate the UPEA/Mountain America Scholarship winners and read about their academic accomplishments. To read more about the scholarship winners, please click here to read the complete article.

Finally, Murray recognized the top recruiters from each district, and then announced the recruiter of the year, Capt. Joe Doman with the Utah Department of Corrections. Murray thanked Doman for his hard work recruiting this year and encouraged all members of UPEA to work hard to grow the Association.

Brody Young, UPEA Member and Law Enforcement Ranger, Shares his Powerful Story with Delegates

Utah State Parks Ranger Brody Young’s story of survival inspired delegates at UPEA’s General Council.

On the night of Nov. 19, 2010, Young was ambushed while on patrol and shot nine times. He waited several hours for help to arrive and survived several surgeries after the incident. He captivated the audience with his retelling of the events that unfolded, and his description of what it took for him to return to work as a law enforcement officer. Young credits his will and fight to live on his training and on mercy from above.

Young is a UPEA member, and currently is the assistant boating program manager for Utah State Parks and Recreation.

Click here to learn more about Young and his incredible story.

Gov. Herbert’s Deputy Chief of Staff Praises State Employees and UPEA’s Work

Mike Mower, deputy chief of staff to Gov. Gary Herbert, praised public employees for their strong work ethic and dedication to their clients and the state.

“From what I have seen, public employees in the state of Utah are the most dedicated, persistent, and motivated employees I have ever had the pleasure to work with,” he said.

Mower himself is a public employee and a member of the UPEA. He applauded the hard work that UPEA staff and leadership executed at the Capitol during the legislative session, keeping lawmakers focused on the importance of public employees’ service to the state.

UPEA would like to thank everyone who attended General Council as a delegate, speaker, vendor, or honoree this year. The 2019 General Council was a success, and UPEA appreciates everyone who helped make it great.