Kay Elected 2nd Vice President

Dennis Kay is the Utah Public Employees’ Association’s (UPEA’s) new second vice president after a close election. His key platform issue was improving pay and benefits.

“Pay and benefits must be fair and equitable for public employees. Utah is no longer in a recession. The economy is strong. Revenues are up,” he said. “For more than years, public employees in Utah have carried the burdens of bringing government through hard times into Utah’s current economically strong position. Now is the time to repay employees for the sacrifices they and their families have made while helping Utah become one of the strongest economies in the nation.”

He added, “We must work to elect forward-thinking candidates to all elected positions in Utah. Utah must elect candidates who recognize how far behind pay and benefits have fallen, candidates who want a team-oriented work environment to provide the best government possible.”

Kay currently serves on the State Board, Advisory Council, Color Country District Board, and CAPE Committee (UPEA’s political action committee). He looks forward to working with current UPEA leadership and to serving UPEA members as second vice president.

UPEA also has other new members on the State Board. In addition to Kay, Deb McBride will serve as president, Lori Benton will serve as vice president and Mark Murray will serve as past president. Other members of the board are Judy Kearns, Alene Stringham, Christie Workman, Jeff Olinger, Matt Briggs, Jackie Pino, and Elaine Bonham.