UPEA Celebrates Recipients of the Public Employee Salute

The Utah Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) is proud to participate in the Public Employee Salute Program.  The idea for the program began in 1999, when a past UPEA executive director noticed that KSL Radio had a special segment to recognize Utah teachers.  The segment is commonly known as the “Teacher Feature.”  However, there was no feature recognizing Utah’s public employees.  The following year, the UPEA and Mountain America Credit Union Public Employee Salute program began.

The following individuals have been nominated and recognized with the Public Employee Salute for their hard work for the state of Utah.

Krystal Jones

Krystal Jones is an extraordinary employee, wife and mother. She is an adoption and post adoption specialist at the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) in St. George. She is amazing in everything she does, and has grown and developed the DCFS TAL (Transition to Adult) Program from nothing to what it is today as its coordinator. She is doing the same in her new position as DCFS adoption/post-adoption specialist. Jones has been very involved with youth in custody for many years and has an excellent relationship with public and community partners. She has played a very intricate role in opening a home for St. George’s homeless youth called Youth Futures.Cora Gant

Cora Grant is a probate clerk, judicial assistant, for the 4th District Court. She has been a public servant for the courts for 25 years, holding knowledge that few know. Her spectacular work as a clerk is aided by her pleasant and enjoyable personality. She lights up a room, and treats everyone with respect. Despite piles of paperwork, she will drop everything to help a pro-se litigant or attorney. Everyone knows her by name, and it is not unusual for boxes of treats to be delivered to the courthouse with a “Thanks Cora!” note attached.

Patricia Doherty

Patricia Doherty, a public employee for 16 years, is a rehabilitation counselor II working for the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation under the Department of Workforce Services. She helps people with disabilities obtain employment and independence.

Doherty helps her clients overcome challenges, decrease functional limitations created by their disabilities, and battle the stigma and discrimination that all too frequently create another barrier for her clients.

Persons with disabilities are victimized at twice the rate of the general population, and are often the least able to recognize danger, least able to protect themselves, and the least able to obtain assistance within the criminal justice system.

Doherty was an original member of the Elderly and Vulnerable Adult Coalition Provo created with a grant received in 2012. She has worked hard to bring awareness that adults with disabilities fall into this population of vulnerable adults. The work of the coalition has been so highly valued that when the grant ended, the city made the decision to keep the coalition and Doherty continues to be a part of it today.

Jill Boettger

Jill Boettger is a speech-language pathologist and audiologist. Her accomplishments are many, and she is distinguished for her service as the Utah Department of Health cytomegalovirus coordinator. She is responsible for educating community stakeholders about the importance of testing for the virus, what the testing protocol is, and the steps that should be taken when an infant is diagnosed. Boettger’s dedication has resulted in 96 percent of eligible babies being tested for congenial CMV—an incredible achievement for such a new public health mandate. Members of her EHDI (Eddie) team consider themselves lucky to have her as a colleague and friend.

Amy Lowe

Amy does a wonderful job as a workforce development specialist. She has a great rapport with the employers with whom she works. Her excellent customer service skills are acknowledged, and she has been called on by the Governor’s Office to help with special projects. She is frequently on the go to meet new employers and set up job fairs. She helps attendees of the work success class find job openings, assists with writing resumes, and helps them prepare for interviews. Lowe is respected and admired by many, and is an invaluable asset to the department.

Shannon Percival

Shannon Percival is a construction technician IV at the Utah Department of Transportation Region 2. She has worked for the state for 21 years, and is a shining example of an extraordinary team member. Her big heart and shining smile, along with her commitment to serving the public, have led to her reputation as a hard worker. She is always willing to drop anything to help with a problem. Her deep commitment to serving the public has made her a mentor to many, and her kind heart makes her coworkers feel cared for, and that they always have a friend. She is appreciated  for being a lifelong friend and teammate.

Mike Rymer

Mike Rymer is an engineering technician IV, and has been a Utah Department of Transportation employee for 16 years. He is a dedicated employee, and when he isn’t busy in the office, he can be found running samples for his lab, plowing snow for a shed, or helping others. Rymer is always willing to share his knowledge and to train fellow employees, taking time and being patient to make sure they understand the task fully.  Rymer goes beyond what he is asked on a daily basis.

Graig Ogden

Graig Ogden is an electronics tech II for the Utah Department of Transportation. He uses his expertise in the electrical field to extend the life of the roadway lightning system in Region 4 decades beyond its intended life. Ogden has helped to implement efficient and cost-saving methods to Region 4, and has used his knowledge to improve safety, usability, and durability of the lighting and signal systems. He recently was tasked with the addition of ATMS devices, and has embraced his new responsibilities with optimism and enthusiasm.  He takes pride in his work, and is always willing to take phone calls to answer any questions.

Angie Thompson

Angie Thomspon is a liability specialist for the Utah State Development Center (USDC). She has worked for the state of Utah for more than nine years, and is known by her coworkers to be an incredibly honest and fair boss. She gives her heart and soul to her staff, helping them to better serve the USDC campus.

Ashely Gibson

Ahsley Gibson has worked for the state of Utah for nine years, and is a caregiver at the Utah State Developmental Center. Gibson consistently goes above and beyond her job responsibilities as a caregiver to Utah’s most vulnerable adults and children. She makes their lives better by personalizing her care,l helping them visit family and rearranging her work schedule to ensure coverage in the building. She exemplifies dedication to her job.

Teri Anderson

Teri Anderson is a case manager with the 4th District Utah Court. She is noted for being a supervisor who treats her team, coworkers, and the public with respect. She treats all court patrons with dignity and patience, and doesn’t let external factors influence how she interacts with others. She provides fair and impartial access to justice. She is appreciated for her commitment to training her team so members feel prepared to interact with the public in an efficient, respective, and proper way. She is an asset to the court system.

Danna Allen

Danna Allen is an agent associate with the Utah Department of Corrections. She is an amazing officer and is recognized for her work with offenders. She goes above and beyond in helping female offenders in their sobriety and programming while they are residents at the Atherton Community Treatment Center. She is caring, respectful, and knowledgeable about her position. Allen not only serves and protects the female offender community, but maintains respectful relationships with those in the community who assist the female offender population. She is a team player and takes care of the officers that she works with.

UPEA wants to congratulate all of our Public Employee Salute honorees and thank them for their extraordinary work for the state of Utah. The Public Employee Salute is an ongoing program UPEA is proud to be a part of. Please nominate any coworkers who you believe deserve recognition for their hard work.