A Message from UPEA President, Deb McBride

I started working for the state some four decades ago.  Way back then, things were much different.  Some things were better, and some things were worse.  One thing that always remains the same is the Utah Public Employees’ Association’s (UPEA’s) constant work and support for public employees.  Our Association understands how difficult public employment can be and that the employer doesn’t hand out very many gold stars.

UPEA supports, defends, and fights for us all year not just during the legislative session.  It holds Public Employee Appreciation Days all summer long; sponsors flu-shot clinics; hosts Public Employee Salute winners nominated for their work by fellow employees; holds benefit fairs; and attends district meetings to answer questions and provide information. In addition, there are committee meetings designed for members to give their input into any issues they may want addressed.  This is truly an organization of the people and for the people!

It is so important to have our coworkers as members, too.  You can give them the information you receive from the Association and they will receive any benefits UPEA wins for employees, but they will not have the support and defense the Association provides.  The feeling of having a strong Association watching your back can only be experienced first-hand.