Increase the Value of your UPEA Membership by Taking Advantage of Exclusive Discounts

Let UPEA help you make the most of the last few weeks of summer by taking advantage of some exclusive member discounts! Most discounts available to members can be used year-round, but here are two that are limited to the next few months:

UPEA has partnered with Real Sale Lake to offer our members discounts on Real Salt Lake and Utah Royals FC game tickets!

For three games this season, UPEA members will receive exclusive discounts by visiting and entering promo code “UPEA”.

Wednesday, August 7th at 8pm – $12 Utah Royals FC Tickets, $3 off regular ticket prices!

Saturday, August 24th at 8pm – $25 Real Salt Lake Tickets, $3-8 off regular ticket prices!

Saturday, October 12th at 7pm – $12 Utah Royals FC Tickets, $3 off regular ticket prices!

This year, UPEA is offering Single Day Passports to Lagoon for $50.00that’s $19.40 off. These tickets include admission to all of the Lagoon attractions including Lagoon-A-Beach, Pioneer Village, and their live entertainment. Passes purchased through UPEA can be used anytime throughout the season – even during Frightmares! However, during Frightmares, the price offered through UPEA will most likely increase. Be sure to buy your tickets ahead of time if you plan to go from September 13th-October 30th.

If you’d like to purchase tickets please come to the UPEA office with cash or a check.

1000 W. Bellwood Ln., Murray

If you live outside the Salt Lake Valley, please call 801-264-8732 to arrange another way to get the tickets.

Please click here to see a full list of discounts for UPEA members and contact Kendle Zdunich at 801-264-8732 ext. 209 or with any questions.