Rules Corner—Position Classification Review and Grievance

Most state employees are classified under an appropriate job description. A job description includes the employee’s job title, distinguishing characteristics, tasks associated with the job, and required skills and knowledge. The assignment of duties per each job is subject to change to enable the agency to reorganize, improve practices, or for other reasons deemed necessary. Management is able to assign, modify, or remove position tasks and responsibility depending on the needs of the agency.

If a position experiences significant changes to assigned duties, a position classification review may be done as outlined in R477-3-4. A classification review may be performed as part of a classification study, at the request of agency management with approval, or as part of a classification grievance review.

Employee s can file reclassification requests and then grievances based on the belief they are performing responsibilities outside of their job descriptions. A request/grievance cannot be filed based on the belief an employee should be receiving a different salary.

  • An employee can ask a supervisor for a reclassification analysis.
  • Human Resources (HR) will perform an analysis on the employee’s job after a request is made by someone in the chain of command.
    • A supervisor will first contact the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) to review. Reclassification requests often don’t go to the grievance level.
  • When an analysis is complete, HR sends an official letter with findings to the agency.
  • Once the analysis is complete, the employee can file a reclassification grievance if he or she doesn’t agree with the results.
    • The grievance is sent directly to the DHRM executive director.
    • Reclassification Grievance process:
      • The HR team looks into the HR analyst’s findings.
      • A panel is organized, and makes a recommendation to the executive director.
    • If the employee does not agree with the results, the reclassification grievance can be reviewed one more time.
    • Reclassification doesn’t go to the grievance level until an HR analysis is sent out.

Reclassification grievance forms can be found in the employee gateway.

If you have any questions about classification review or the reclassification process, please reach out to your UPEA employee representative.