UPEA Members Gather for the Second Annual Public Employee Day on the Hill

UPEA hosted the second annual Public Employee Day on the Hill on February 12, 2020. Employees from various agencies journeyed to the Utah State Capitol to meet with legislators and discuss important issues related to state employment. Representatives Winder, Spackman-Moss, Perry, King, Schulz, and Dunnigan presented to the group, each stressing how important state employees are to the success of the State of Utah. Legislators also explained the budgetary restrictions being faced this year and how they may impact employee compensation. Each legislator affirmed that the members of House and Senate leadership are making state employee compensation a priority this year, regardless of how much money may be available. Other items discussed included bills they were sponsoring and how the tax structure impacts budget decisions.

Listen to Episode 11 of PEP Squad to hear what lawmakers had to say to our members!

All UPEA members in attendance were able to address a letter to their representatives, thanking them for their consideration and reiterating the importance of making employee compensation a priority this session. After the meeting, a few members accompanied UPEA staff to the House and Senate floors to citizen lobby. They had the opportunity to deliver their letters in person and introduce themselves to their representatives.

UPEA would like to thank all of our members who were able to attend! If you would like more information on how to contact your legislators please reach out to staff.