Bill Mandating a Study on the Peace Officer Pay Plan Passed in Committee

H.B. 330 – Peace Officer Pay Plan Amendments was presented to the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee on Friday February 21, 2020. The bill, sponsored by Representative Lee Perry, longtime legislator and recently retired Highway Patrolman, is supported by UPEA. Executive Director Todd Losser brought the idea of implementing a pay plan to Representative Perry, and spoke in favor of the bill before the committee. 

This bill defines peace officer to include all correctional officer, law enforcement officer and special function officer positions across the state. It amends provisions relating to state pay plans for peace officers and requires the Department of Human Resource Management Executive Director to ensure the state peace officers pay plans includes certain information– salary range differences, qualifications, training, performance evaluation, and promotions.

This bill is a preliminary study for a peace officer pay structure, so there is no fiscal note attached. The study fits into the normal DHRM research capacity at no extra cost to the state. Perry estimates the analysis will conclude in one to two years. At the conclusion of the study he plans to present another bill to implement the proposed career ladder with a fiscal note. H.B. 330 passed unanimously with a favorable recommendation, and was put on the House floor Consent Calendar.