UPEA Supports Resolution to Fund Officer Retirement Plan Enhancements

On February 21st, the House Retirement and Independent Entities Standing Committee reviewed H.C.R. 9 –Concurrent Resolution Authorizing State Pick Up of Public Safety and Firefighter Employee Retirement Contributions sponsored by Representative Lee Perry, R-Perry. H.C.R. 9 is a follow up to S.B. 129, a bill passed during the 2019 General Session, that made enhancements to the Tier 2 Public Safety and Firefighter retirement system. In 2019, the contribution rate was estimated to be 14%; however, in a mandated analysis following S.B. 129, the actual contribution rate was determined to be 16%. H.C.R. 9 covers the additional 2% for Public Safety and Firefighters employed by the State of Utah. For those employed by other local law enforcement agencies under URS, it will be up to the county and city councils to allocate funding for the additional 2%.

UPEA Executive Director, Todd Losser, supported the resolution stating, “I want to speak in favor of H.C.R. 9. UPEA represents law enforcement officers from the Department of Corrections, Highway Patrol, DNR Wildlife Officers, State Park Officers and AP&P agents. Passing this resolution will aid the state in the recruitment and retention of quality law enforcement officers.”