Christie Workman Elected to Serve as Second Vice President

Christie Workman will serve as the Utah Public Employees’ Association’s (UPEA’s) new Second Vice President for the 2020-2021 term. Her key platform issue was recruiting and retaining quality public employees by increasing total compensation.

“Recruiting and retaining employees is important and my goal as Second Vice President is to increase public employee pay. As a member of UPEA’s State Board, I helped create and support the initiative to increase pay by 5%. Let’s work together to educate legislators, policymakers, and our coworkers about the importance of UPEA and the work the association does to advocate and protect the rights of public employees.”

She added, “I will also recognize, promote, and support the retirees of UPEA. Retired members are a valuable asset and provide working members with institutional knowledge and access to their experience. Retirees are a strong voice for public employees and make UPEA better.”

Christie currently serves on the State Board (pictured), Advisory Council, Mountainlands District Leadership, and Chairs the General Council Committee. She looks forward to working with current leadership and to serving UPEA members as Second Vice President.

Christie will serve the coming term alongside fellow UPEA officers, Lori Benton (President), Dennis Kay (First Vice President), and Deb McBride (Past President).