Members Share Testimonials to UPEA Grievance Representation

UPEA is a valuable resource when an employee encounters any workplace issues. UPEA staff hopes that their members never experience disciplinary action; however, representatives are available for our members if a workplace issue arises. From written warnings to terminations, UPEA can represent its members throughout the grievance process and utilize their resources to help employees navigate the procedure. UPEA staff is knowledgeable of the DHRM policies to help employees understand their grievance rights, prepare statements and responses, provide physical representation at hearings, and coordinate with our employment attorney at Kirton & McConkie to address legal questions that may arise. All of these services are included in membership in UPEA, no further costs are associated.

Here is what members had to say about their experience with UPEA during the grievance process:

“This was my very first experience, in this area of uncharted waters, being disciplined by my employer.  I was afraid, nervous, concerned, and worried about my employment.  Upon contacting UPEA and meeting with my representative, [she] was able to help me better understand the process that was about to begin.  UPEA was helpful with all of my fears and concerns. BIG THANK YOU to [my representative] and UPEA staff!”
-State Courts employee

“UPEA has been incredible to me. They have supported me and provided guidance through the grievance process, something I’ve never been through. [My representative] listened with an open-mind and worked with me to find a solution. UPEA is considerate of the situation and wants to help you feel comfortable through it all. UPEA has been a tremendous help; I can’t thank them enough. I’m glad I went through this process with UPEA by my side.”
– Department of Human Services employee

All UPEA members have access to grievance representation after six months of membership. If you have any questions or concerns about your employment or you’ve been given a disciplinary action, please don’t hesitate to contact your UPEA representative.