CAPE Committee Endorses Candidates Supportive of Public Employees

The Citizen Action by Public Employees (CAPE) Committee is made up of Utah Public Employees’ Association (UPEA) members who volunteer their time to interview and endorse public employee-friendly candidates. CAPE Committee members ensure that public employees have a voice and are represented in the political process.

CAPE Committee member Pete Negus said retirees and currently employed UPEA members are represented on the committee. They candidates they choose are given endorsements and public employees are encouraged to consider them during the upcoming election. “If the endorsed candidate is successful, UPEA has another member at the Legislature who is willing to listen to our positions on legislation affecting public employees,” Negus said.

He added that UPEA staffers meet with lawmakers to explain issues important to public employees. “It’s through this process that public employees have a stronger voice on issues affecting us,” said Negus, who has been on the CAPE Committee for 12 years. “I have enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to help public employees have a stronger voice in the Legislature.”

Click here to learn more about members currently serving on the CAPE Committee. If you are interested in applying to be a member, please contact your employee representative to learn how.

When the CAPE Committee interviews candidates, it asks their views on issues important to public employees such as compensation, benefits, retirement, healthcare, and privatization of government jobs.  Candidates ‘responses are evaluated to determine whether they will support UPEA’s lobbying efforts for public employees. If the candidate is an incumbent, his or her voting record on public employee issues is considered.  After the formal interview process and discussion, the CAPE Committee votes to determine if CAPE will endorse a candidate or remain neutral in a specific political race.

UPEA believes it is important to endorse and elect public employee-friendly candidates. These individuals determine and establish pay and benefits.  Through the power of voting, public employees decide who will represent them on crucial issues.

To find candidates endorsed by the CAPE Committee for upcoming elections, click here. This list will be updated as the CAPE Committee interviews candidates through the summer.