Rules Corner – Secondary Employment

As a Utah public employee, you are held to a high standard of conduct representing the state of Utah and its citizens. Understanding your rights as stated in DHRM Rule and State Code is important to prevent disciplinary action when participating in outside employment.

Working for the state of Utah does not mean you can’t participate in outside employment. DHRM Rule R477-9-2 explains that if employees engage in outside employment, they must notify their agencies in writing. Participation in outside employment can’t interfere with performance or conflict with the interests of the agency or state. If the requested outside employment has potential to create conflicts of interest, the agency has the right to deny participation. State Code 67-25-302 reiterates DHRM Rule, and expands on it, stating outside employment cannot interfere with contracted work hours, unless personal leave is authorized. It also asserts that state employees cannot provide services to someone that the employee could provide during their primary employment.  Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in discipline.

If you have questions about participating in outside employment, please contact your employee representative.