Governor-Elect Spencer Cox Presents Four Goals to Guide Economic Growth

During the Legislature’s Economic Development and Workforce Services Interim Committee meeting on Nov. 17, Gov.-elect Spencer Cox spoke about his vision for new economic growth in Utah for the next decade.

Rep. Timothy Hawkes, R-Centerville, and Sen. Ann Milner, R-Ogden, are working with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and Cox to create:

  • A robust ecosystem for businesses
  • Enhanced coordination and support
  • Empowered students (future workers) and current workers
  • All players aligned in the same direction.

Cox supported telecommuting before the pandemic and he believes it will be key to economic growth in the future, especially in rural communities. He wants all Utahns to benefit from economic development.

Ensuring low and fair taxes for all Utahns will be a priority as he pushes to create the best state economy in the nation.