Rules Corner – Administrative Salary Increases

An administrative salary increase (ASI) is “an increase in the current actual wage based on special circumstances determined by an agency head.” Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) Rule  R477-6-6 (8) discusses how an ASI can be administered to modify a state employee’s salary. State agency heads are permitted to authorize ASIs within policy limits only when funding is available. ASI requests must be done in writing to the agency head or designee must discuss why it should be administered.

Discretionary increases, ASIs can be authorized for a variety of reasons at the request of an employee or anyone in the agency. They do not have to be administered across the board, and can be granted for performance, transfers, reassignments, or any circumstance determined by the agency. When administered, ASIs are approved at a minimum of a ½ percent increase and can be allocated up to the salary range maximum. If employees are at their salary range maximums, they cannot qualify for ASIs. Grievances related to this type of increase are heard by the agency head or designee.

As a member of UPEA, you can reach out to your employee representative with any questions on administrative salary increases or other DHRM policies.