Legislative Tutorial – Speaking with Legislators About Compensation Funding

Please use your own time, resources, and equipment to contact your legislator. 

  1. Address your legislator as Senator or Representative and use their last name.
  2. Introduce yourself (give your name and where you live), let them know you are a constituent and a member of UPEA – You can identify the agency you work for if you wish.
  3. Ask if your legislator has time to discuss some items regarding public employee issues – Be prepared to discuss the topic and clarify your reasons (see below).
  4. Ask your legislator if they will support your position.
  5. Thank them for their time.

Click here to find your state representative and senator. Just enter your home address and click on the legislator’s picture for contact info.

Remember to be respectful!

How to discuss the $12.9 million Program II sick leave with your legislator:

The governor’s budget highlighted that the state would have a savings of $12.9 million from the Program II Sick Leave unfunded liability that will be placed in the General Fund this year. This savings is directly generated from a reduction in state employee benefits that saved the state money and has now created a surplus.

These savings are from a public employee benefit reduction and should be returned to state employees in the form of an across the board increase.  The increase should be in addition to the proposed 3% COLA outlined in the Governor’s budget.

Utah public employees have proven their dedication and resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to provide outstanding services to the citizens of Utah during these trying and difficult times.  Many employees have taken on new positions and workloads to provide critical services to the citizens of Utah.

Utah educators will receive a bonus for their dedication and service during the pandemic, and state employees should receive an additional 3% increase from savings of the Program II sick leave and General Fund.

Click here to watch video tutorials with more information on how to contact your legislator. If you have any other questions, please contact your staff representative.